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Linda Mayo was born and raised in the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  She has worked as an Accounts Payable Manager for the last 25 years.  She has spent most of her life in Virginia to be near family. Recently retiring, she looks forward to what comes next in this new journey of self-exploration.
By Linda Mayo

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By Linda Mayo

Time for Love

Beth is a beautiful, well educated, and an independent woman. When an opportunity presents itself to get a book deal from the wealthiest family in New York, she is catapulted into a lifestyle of lavish riches and excess. Somewhat judgmental with a preconceived notion that the rich are spoiled and self-absorbed, she finds supporting confirmation of that when she meets Grayson Vander’s, a family member. Their conflict is immediate as he presents himself to be arrogant and condescending,

Overshadowing that negativity, she meets the matriarch of the family. This woman will decide Beth's fate to pen the book. Mrs. Vander’s' shows depth and values that Beth didn't know existed with the privileged. Having lost her parents a few years ago in a fatal car crash, she is vulnerable to the matriarch's motherly instincts regarding her. A deep respect is built, causing Mrs. Vander’s to confide her darkest secrets. Beth learns things that shakes and shapes the core of her beliefs.

Once Beth walked through the doors of the Vander’s estate, her life is never the same again!

By Linda Mayo


Rachel, a reporter for Brand Magazine, is presented with yet another ho-hum story. Reluctantly, she enters the world of the infamous rich and famous, the social elite of New York. She is propelled into an adventure of infinite impossibilities. She’s assigned a feel good story on Mrs. Vander’s, the last surviving original member of the Vander’s family. The estate, and its history nestled comfortably on the outskirts of New York City, becomes Rachel’s home away from home during this project. It’s a large house filled with many rooms, and each room is filled with many fine things. But one room harbors a very big secret, a secret certain to change lives forever. Mixing the old with the new, Rachel enters that room, dons a beautiful gown in front of a tall standing mirror, and twirls her way into the lives-and-hearts of the Vander’s family forever.



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